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About Us

Spring in the Hill Country, what better excuse for cruising the countryside?

Driving west on US 290 the bluebonnets are thick and blooming all the way to Fredricksburg.
South on Hw. 16 they start playing out past Kerrville. No matter. There are still solid patches of orange paintbrush, pink evening primrose, and purple prairie verbena.
Scenery aside, the real purpose of the trip was to visit my friends, Ernesto Carino and Ysmael Espinoza at Medina Garden Nursery and pick up their donations to our upcoming plant sale.
I first heard about Ernesto, Ysmael, and their incredible gardens from David and Margaret Bamberger. If you are serious about native plants or gardening for butterflies, a visit to their nursery should be at the top of your list. It’s a little tricky to find. The first time I tried, I was in Bandera before I realized I had driven by it. Once you are south of “downtown Medina,” there is a curve you’d be wise to slow down for. Just past this on the right is the nursery entrance.
I have since visited there dozens of times.
As I stumble along the pathway to successful plant propagation, Ernesto has been an invaluable guide. He encourages me to show up around closing time so we can talk, and if he’s not too tired, show me some growing tips. Even though they are two driving hours apart, Medina and Austin are both located in the Edward’s Plateau ecoregion. Nearly all the native plants he grows can be found in the Oak Hill area too. If you are looking for species that are hard to find, ask these guys.
Ernesto filled up three nursery carts of healthy stock: Sotol, Lindheimer nolina, Texas nolina, red yucca, Texas betony, indigo spires, salvia greggi. Anacacho Orchid tree, pinyon pine, Chinqapin oak, American beautyberry, Missouri violet, huisache daisy, prairie verbena, Hill Country penstemon, Lindheimer muhly, and snapdragon vine. All will be available at the Spring Plant Sale (see previous post)
Ysmael had to work in Kerrville when I visited, so I’ll have to include his picture at a later date.
Thank you to these outstanding nurserymen.

Medina Nursey  has been featured in the Texas Highways August 2004

Appeared in Texas Gardener May/June 2002